Who Buys Personalized Treats?

Commercial Bakeries, Home Bakery Businesses, Trade Shows, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Social Media, Weddings, Kids Camps, Schools, Televisions Shows, Holiday Events, Celebrities, Boardwalk Concessions, Candy Shops, Coffee Shops, Start up businesses, Food truck business, amusement parks, specialty dessert businesses, local bakeries, amusement parks, tourist attractions, seasonal festivals, food trucks, theme parks, stadiums, mall kiosk businesses, sports events, food vendors, concessionaires, photo booth businesses, wedding planners, event planners, corporate gifts, real estate gifts, zoos, carnivals, photo and personalized gifts businesses, novelty food booths, photo booth accessories, fundraiser ideas, resorts, advertising/marketing companies, resort town gift shops, cruise ships, summer camps, PTA fundraising, seasonal mall kiosks businesses, concerts, coffee/barista businesses, gift basket businesses, subscription businesses, large event planners and more!

Picture Cookie Ideas and Samples

Specialty Printing Profit Margins

Experience Generous Profit Margins! Part-Time or Full-Time, the Specialty Food Printing Industry has so much to offer. (View Costs, Suggested Pricing and Profits Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

Inclusive Start Up Packages

Whether you are a Commercial Bakery or building your Small Business, our Inclusive Start Up Packages are the perfect economical solution. They already include the items that place you on the Fast Track of successfully Printing Delightful Treats!

Popular Products

Join the fun! Highest quality food printing products and business systems unique to the personalized food & beverage industries! Set yourself up for success and produce extraordinary results with our specialty printers, fresh-baked treats, established business systems, easy start ups packages and more!

Edible Printing

Select a high quality printer based on your needs as a small business or commercial bakery. Prices are based on printing volume per minute, capacity and speed. Video Instructions Included. We also provide training to help our clients work with photos in Photoshop!

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Edible Inks

Edible Inks are a necessity with any Food Printer. Most of our printers offer refillable inks for your cartridges (as shown). They are easy to refill and save you money. The type of edible inks required will be listed in each printer description.

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Edible Icing Printable Sheets

For your convenience, we offer a variety of printable icing sheets. They are sold in quantity packs or together with our business systems. If you are a small bakery or home business bakery, take advantage of our lowest prices on edible icing sheets!


Ready Made Baked Goods

Coming Soon! Select from Gourmet, Premium Baked Goods and Mixes that you can Personalize with Custom Photos and Messaging. Delivered to your door making it convenient to decorate and ship.

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Beverage Dispensers

Coming Soon! A generous selection of affordable Beverage Dispensers that will compliment your sales of baked goods and bring a smile to your customers.

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Packaging Supplies

Enhance your presentation with quality packaging. Select from paper or plastic gift packaging and disposables for your personalized treats. Add a logo! Branding is available on most packaging to help you to market your specialty baked goods with your design and colors.

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Custom Booths & Kiosks

We build custom, novelty food booths of all sizes for Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Weddings, Kids Camps, Schools, Televisions Shows, Holiday Events, Home Bakery Businesses, Boardwalk Concessions, Candy Shops, Coffee Shops, Start up businesses, commercial bakeries, amusement parks, tourist attractions, theme parks, food vendors, concessionaires, photo booth businesses, resorts, cruise ships, summer camps, fundraising and more!

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Custom Event Invitations

Specializing in the event printing industry for 20 years, we can create the most amazing custom party invitations. Just email us your photos and text! Upgrade to musical and video party invitations where we upload your recordings and videos to create specialty party invitations. Labeling and mailing services are also available! Minimum = 250


Digital "VIDEO" Signs & Displays

VIDEO COMMANDS ATTENTION so if you are looking to attract more customers to your business, try adding the brilliance of video displays. The colors are vivid and beautiful. We offer any custom size for indoor or outdoor use. We will custom program for you using your imagery, logo and video. Try LED Posters, Outdoor & Indoor commercial LED billboards or LED wall mounted video displays for your business. For added excitement, use in conjunction with our custom kiosks at malls, stadiums, corporate events, fundraisers, church events, festivals, amusement parks, theme parks, exhibits and more!

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As a leader in edible printing technology, we are constantly improving on speed and precision with our machinery. We inspire our customers and offer inclusive and custom business systems of exceptional value and convenience.

PHOTO BAKE SHOP® has been specializing in custom photo pastries with unique products since 2005. Owner, Kelli Fusaro, began the art of Personalized Cookie Printing in Reading, PA.

Our first client was George Lucas Film (Star Wars Anniversary) 1,000 Yoda cookies, and over the years, we’ve received delightful smiles from millions of satisfied customers receiving personalized picture cookies Nationwide.

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