Who Bakes the Cookies/Pastries for Photo Bake Shop?

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Kelli Fusaro, owner of PhotoBakeShop, home based bakery shop business.Hello and thank you for considering licensing with Photo Bake Shop.  My name is Kelli Fusaro and I’m the owner.  Today, I am going to address a question that I get asked so often on the telephone with potential licenses. The question is, “do I bake my own cookies?” Most of you love to bake and that’s how you found us and that’s why you love our website. But I have to be honest with you, I have never baked a cookie for the business in 10 years! My ideal kitchen is similar to when I was traveling about a week ago I was in a hotel room with a mini fridge and a microwave on top and I decided that right there is my ideal kitchen. Most of my energy over the years and how I achieved success was not so much making cookies and slaving in the kitchen, it was working with a professional bakery and really working on perfecting personalized pastries and cookies. That’s what this business is about! It’s also about marketing it so that you have great clients and corporate clients and people coming back year after year and party after party. We are going to help you to do that so you are not taking all your time baking the cookies. Let’s face it we’re all busy, a lot of you are moms and you have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s an added thing to be baking yourself. We get a lot of calls from women who are just getting ready to retire and looking for what’s next in their life, this is a perfect opportunity for you and we don’t want you slaving in the kitchen!

There are so many bakeries locally that perfect what they do and you can work with them.  If you choose to bake yourself, it opens up a whole other realm of business such as getting a permit with your city and state. They are going to come in and inspect your kitchen regularly and make sure you’re in compliance with whatever your state regulations are. So, that is just a whole other arena that I’m not sure you want to get involved with.

I do recommend a Google search for “cottage laws” in your state or residence to be sure you are in compliance of starting this business in your home.  Every state is different and you will have to check the laws in your state.  Normally, cottage laws are usually very minimal to start a business at home, as long as you’re not doing your own baking and you will see in your area what is recommended. You don’t even have to work with a local bakery sometimes it’s great to work with brands like Oreo or the Girl Scout cookies, you can go to a Sam’s club and they have their own brands of baked goods that you can use. Basically, whatever it takes for you to be able to personalize and market it, that’s what this business is about.  It’s what our team will get you started with! If you have any specific questions feel free to email me, my email is kelli@Photobakeshop.com.  We look forward to the possibility of licensing with you. Have a great day!


Photo Bake Shop provides the assistance and experience for starting your own bake shop through our licensing program. Photo Bake Shoe is a great business opportunity for individuals gearing up for retirement,  stay at home moms or if you are just looking for a career change. This home bakery start up is a great idea for home business ideas after retirement, that provides small business opportunities with creative baking business ideas. Work part-time from home at your very own home bakery business. So, whether you’re looking for a entrepreneurship, part-time work or stay at home mom job opportunities, start your own bakery with Photo Bake Shop TODAY!