Custom Lifestyle Business

Kelli, owner of PHOTO BAKE SHOP® says, “I find that most women, like myself, have circumstances or difficult situations that they are facing in their personal lives or in an unfulfilling career.  This makes it even more challenging to produce results in ANY business start up.  So, its very rewarding to see these same women evolve from a poor situation to having enthusiasm toward living their dream, feeling enlivened, and actually moving through that difficult space into one that brings joy to themselves and their families, but to others.  The first step is getting present to what your dream is and defining your Custom Lifestyle Business.  Then we create it together and then it miraculously touches others.  For example, I am so proud of my daughter and son.  They are in their 20’s now and successful inventors, designers, business managers because they grew up in a productive, happy home business environment.  You learn what you live.

I am sharing my ideas because I know that it is achievable regardless of your history.  Bring me a challenge so I can deliver a life worth living with purpose, grace and ease.”

“If there is a will, there is always a way!”

PHOTO BAKE SHOP® began in 2005 in Reading, PA by educator, Kelli Fusaro.  Our retail website  “Party Photo Favors” evolved into teaching women this business with PHOTO BAKE SHOP®.  Kelli, a single mother who never had a business course with a degree in education, was looking for a way to make money at home and be with her children.  The website consisted of 1 type of cookies (sugar cookies) that were made at a local bakery.  Kelli printed images from clients using a special printer that used food coloring ink.  Within a few weeks, she received calls from all over the USA from people wanting her product for weddings, birthdays, trade shows, corporate events and more!  Immediately after opening,

PHOTO BAKE SHOP® attracted its first celebrity client in 2005 with 1,000 cookies ordered for George Lucas (Star Wars Anniversary) celebration.  Other recognized celebrity clients include: Katy Perry, Mariah Carey and other Capitol Records clients. Corporate clients include: Ritz Carlton, Hilton Hotels, Pandora, T-mobile, World Fuel Services, Nascar, NBC Universal.  PHOTO BAKE SHOP®  worked with several Disney movies and became a Disney vendor in 2015.  She never went back to teaching in schools and after running the business herself from her basement, she began hiring people to handle production while she management the business for 8 years. She continually refined the business to simplify and be more cost and time efficient without sacrificing quality.  Kelli owns and operates several businesses including internationally known  She advises women through face to face meetings via skype, zoom or in person.  With over 18 years as an accomplished business woman, educator, and mom, Kelli now lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Her purpose is to help women to cause a new future now and bring uplifting support to their lives.