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Hello!  My name is Kelli Fusaro. 👩‍🍳 I began Party-Photo-Favors.com by PHOTO BAKE SHOP® home-internet business in Reading, PA in 2005.  I was single mom trying to start a business making photo cookies.  I thought this idea would be simple!  However.  I quickly discovered that I was on a steep learning curve.  lol.  Turns out, I had no graphic knowledge to work with photos.  After icing dozens of cookies, I noticed that each cookie looked alittle different. 😅 I said a little prayer before shipping them so they’d arrive safely.  A few years of trial & error helped me realize there should be keys to this successful internet business.  So, I blended my professional trade secrets with my education degree to bring you the “keys” with high quality, personalized pastry packages.  Our fun “How To” videos reach commercial bakeries and start up home bakeries throughout the USA. 

Our fast track delivers!  You are just 30 Days away from Creating Fabulous Personalized Pastries!  Learn Design, Application, Packaging, Marketing and Shipping.  All Are Welcome.   (Kelli Fusaro on right.  In home coaching)


Are you excited about the idea of creating Personalized Pastries?  👩‍🍳  We are professional vendors for Disney with a Degree in Education – specializing in Personalized Pastries – since 2005.  We embrace the privilege of working beside you on the journey to the Art of Pastry Printing.🌷

Unlimited access

Receive instant access to our Learning Portal.  Our portal video lessons are a great way to reinforce the learning material that we provide with our selected packages.  Learn photo editing, how to apply edible images and all the tools that produce the most amazing results in personalized pastry printing.  

Practical Skills

In The Art of Pastry Design . . We practice with you until you understand and become fluent with All stages of Printing and the ordering process.  You will achieve Professional Results with edible photos and logos on cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more!  

Extraordinary Results

We believe in you.  Starting a new skill is an awesome privilege that takes courage.  Our 1st step: 

#1  We LISTEN to what matters to you and the results that would inspire you by learning the art of pastry printing.

#2  We CUSTOMIZE our program to match your goals while you enjoy the process of learning and creating.  

PHOTO BAKE SHOP® = Perfect Blend of Old World Education + Modern Art

WHAT IS ALWAYS IN STYLE? Celebrations with Cookies, Cakes and Candies are STILL THE TREND around the world. The greatest news is that there's EVEN MORE OPPORTUNITY NOW with new and exciting ways to market your niche. WHAT WOULD YOU LOVE to Personalize? Wholesome Desserts * Gluten Free Cakes/Cookies * Energy Bars * Kosher Delights * Non GMO Pastries * CBD Cookies * Pet Brithday Cakes * Vegan cakes * High Protein Bars Low Carb Snacks * Home-Made Cookies * Low Fat/Sugar * Anabolic Desserts * Seasonal Holiday Cakes . . . LET'S GET STARTED.



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