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PHOTO BAKE SHOP® is trademarked, Disney certified, creative home business training program specializing in photo cookie printing technology.  Clients  include:  Ritz Carlton, George Lucas Film, the United Nations, Hilton Hotels, Citi Bank, Poochey Couture, Canon, Visa, Pandora, Nascar and Hollywood Records.

Kelli Fusaro began this business in 2005 in her basement in Reading, PA. Her words below will encourage you to discover what matters most to you when starting any business. This short exercise unfolded her dreams one and it will help you too!

Watch owner, Kelli Fusaro’s 40 minute presentation so learn how YOU CAN Duplicate and Monetize PHOTO BAKE SHOP® for yourself!
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Here are The Most Common Reasons why women LOVE PHOTO BAKE SHOP®:

1. Working Hard, feeling tired and unfulfilled in a current job.

2. Approaching Retirement but still vibrant – looking for “what’s next”.

3. Always wanted their own business but didn’t have the opportunity.

4. Always Wanted to be an entrepreneur but afraid of failure due to not having enough knowledge, confidence or experience.

Notes from Kelli (Owner of PHOTO BAKE SHOP®)

NOTE FROM KELLI: How do you design the “business of your dreams” and work flexible part-hours from home earning a full-time income? When starting a new business, it’s best to look inside yourself first and take some time to find out what matters most to you.  First, say to yourself, “If anything were possible, what would I want my day-to-day life to look like? Make a list of all the things on your wish list – even if they seem way outside of the box. I’ll share my list with you. I wrote down: travel more, enjoy Friday’s off, workday hours from 9 – 2 Mon. – Thurs, take multiple Vacations 2 -3 per year, add a ballroom onto my house, buy a sports car convertible, have the flexibility to make appointments and travel last minute, enjoy my day without feeling stressed out. This entire list became my reality. It all didn’t happen in 1 year, but over 4 years, I was living out my dream. This is a meaningful exercise, and it’s amazing how results start unfolding just by taking a few minutes to get present and write everything on paper. Place this list somewhere where you can revisit it from time to time, maybe post it on your mirror and look at it daily. i like to write my feelings in journals, so I write my lists there and look back at it from time to time. Next, share this list with several people in your life – friends, family, even strangers. It will become part of who you are and very soon, you will be amazed at how results are unfolding one by one. We are committed to you learning how to have this business for yourself and building your self esteem, because you can do this. It’s a blessing. Your time is valuable, so the most important asset to what we can offer is that we provide an already tested system that saves you time and money figuring out all the steps. You just have to be willing and trainable and know that you will learn and grow while getting prepared to produce amazing results for yourself and your life. Stay encouraged! Here’s to your success. Kelli


Sweet rewards of PHOTO BAKE SHOP®

The Possibilities are Endless . . .

Corporate Events

Hotel Functions

Businesses and Grand Openings


All Catering Events

Weddings use them as Favors for Guests

Business Promotions – print logos on cookies

Business Card Cookies

Bridal Showers

Trade Show Giveaways

Sporting Events

Baby Showers


Fund Raisers


Private Parties

Holiday Celebrations


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