PHOTO BAKE SHOP® Best In-Home Business for Women


It’s Exciting!
PHOTO BAKE SHOP® teams with motivated women by tailoring this wonderful home business opportunity on every budget!

The biggest complaint we hear is that women say they want to have a business and work from home, but they have circumstances or fear issues that make them feel stuck in searching for an opportunity that is right for them. If bringing joy to people with creative, personalized cookies and pastries lights you up, we may have the solution for you.

Founder, Kelli Fusaro, knows all about time, money, trial and error. She used to call herself “entremaneur” but now she is known as “Cookie”, so she is grateful for that wonderful transition. We don’t want you to invest your years on trial and error before you ever start to make a profit. So we developed this affordable, already tested system. Together with Cookie’s team, we’ve successfully been running this business since 2005 and eliminated those pitfalls for you. Within 30 days of receiving equipment and training, you will have a fun, home based business with a smooth operating system, ready to start receiving orders from home.

If you have no prior experience, but you are motivated, we are pleased to work with you. All women have some circumstances that they are working through in their lives when we meet them. Being extraordinary is always the result of making positive choices for our future in the midst of our present circumstances. PHOTO BAKE SHOP® is committed to you and having you produce extraordinary results for yourself and your life.

If a woman feels good about herself, and she can be successful in a business she loves, there is usually a transformation that causes the other circumstances in her life to work out in amazing ways. We empower you in business and all the areas of your life that matter to you! We are here for you when you are ready to learn more. (772) 207-0995‬