As a leader in edible printing technology, we are constantly improving on speed and precision with our machinery. We inspire our customers and offer inclusive and custom business systems of exceptional value and convenience.

PHOTO BAKE SHOP® has been specializing in custom photo pastries with unique products since 2005. Owner, Kelli Fusaro, began the art of Personalized Cookie Printing in Reading, PA.
Our first client was George Lucas Film (Star Wars Anniversary) 1,000 Yoda cookies, and over the years, we’ve received delightful smiles from millions of satisfied customers receiving personalized picture cookies Nationwide.

Who buys personalized cookies & pastries?

Businesses, Trade Shows, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Kids Camps, Schools, Televisions Shows, Holiday Events, Celebrities, Home Bakery Businesses, Boardwalk Concessions, Candy Shops, Coffee Shops, Start up businesses, Food truck business, , specialty dessert businesses, bakeries, commercial bakeries, amusement parks, tourist attractions, food trucks, theme parks, stadiums, mall kiosk businesses, sports events, food vendors, concessionaires, photo booth businesses, wedding planners, event planners, corporate gifts, real estate gifts, zoos, carnivals, photo and personalized gifts businesses, novelty food booths, photo booth accessories, fundraiser ideas, resorts, resort town gift shops, cruise ships, summer camps, PTA fundraising

We are Disney vendors since 2015

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Picture Cookie Ideas and Samples

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