A4 Flatbed Food Printer PBS-SYPA4



  1. Printing area is 297*210mm, and the size is A4;
  2. Maximum height of food is 15cm;
  3. C/M/Y/K/LC/LM 6 colors are more ink-saving;
  4. Maximum print-definition is 5760*1440dpi, which reaches photo-quality printing effect;
  5. The Edible ink can be directly printed onto food surfaces and eaten;
  6. Easy operation and maintaining.


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A4 Flatbed Food Printer is a cost-efficient mode. The machine adopts Y/K/LC/LM/M/C 6 colors ink system. Its maximum print-definition reaches 5760*1440dpi and the printing effect is fantastic. The Max. height of food can reach 15cm. It can print edible images or logos onto food or drink surfaces for decorations. It suitable for cafe, bar, creativity company and shop to make creative customized edible decorations on food or drink. It applied to print cakes, cookies, ice creams, pastries, marshmallows, edible paper, etc.


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